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Thread: ATV polish

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    ATV polish

    I have an Artic Cat ATV I would like to polish it I was wondering what I should use a plastic polish or a car polish ?

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    Re: ATV polish

    Good Q, wish I had an answer!

    I wonder what the functional diff is between Plastic Polish/Paint Polish?!? Like, which is generally more/less abrasive. (yeah, I know...I oughta know that, huh?)

    Is your ATV painted or is it colored/color-impregnate plastic? Or is it Gelcoat fiberglass?

    I guess the duh-answer is to do a test spot, but I bet *somebody* here knows the real answer

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    Re: ATV polish

    When I had my CBR600, I used Plexus on my plastics, helmet plastics, etc. and it worked well..spray on and wipe off.
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