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    Which clay mitt?

    Already planning for spring, I`ve decided to go for a ceramic coating on my Camaro. Probably Gyeon CanCoat because I`m cheap and broke. But I want to do a complete and total prep before applying the coating: Wash (Meg`s Hyperwash), Physical decon (To be determined), Polish (Poorboy`s SSR1), Coating Prep (Gyeon Prep) and finally the CanCoat.

    I have no problem getting a new claybar or two, but I am wondering if a quality mitt would work better.
    Don M

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    Re: Which clay mitt?

    Happy New Year, Brother !!!
    Hope its a great one !!!

    Most of the new/newer vulcanized rubber towels used now, are in the $49.99 -$59.99 range...

    My experience with one of the first models out there - the SM Arnold Speedy Prep Fine Grade, it works great, but it takes more pressure on it to get the same removal quality/quantity as a claybar.
    Yes, it is incredibly easy to rinse, just add water... Yes, its much bigger and can clean more area, but you need to mind the downward pressure, and check your work until you get the hang of it..
    Way more expensive than claybars..

    If you are not going to get your money`s worth for this, I know a claybar can do an awesome job, it will just take a little longer, because of its size..

    And for the rest of the decon, I don`t know, it`s up to you...
    I see liquids that make things turn purple on your paintwork..
    So you decide to use this stuff, it makes things purple, you rinse it off, you still have to claybar/claytowel the car anyway, right ?
    Up to you if you want to do that..
    Dan F
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    Re: Which clay mitt?

    I just did my new ride using GTechniq W6 Iron and General Fallout Remover, with Britemax Claymax Chemical Resistant Clay Bar and just like Dan has mention (your going to see the purple stuff all over the surface) which I clay the surface and wash the stuff out 2 times so I think all those metal/iron shavings on my ride came off which was shipped from England , on a train, then over here it is ship by boat (don`t forget the cosmoline!) then by train again and the got a lousy clean by the distributor, then at the dealer. It pays to do it right and be happy knowing you done it right.
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    Re: Which clay mitt?

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    Re: Which clay mitt?

    Came here to suggest the BF mit. Haven’t personally tried it but if Jesus says its good I believe it and the price is hard to beat. I’m still using a Nanoskin towel type one, but the mit should be easier to use. I bought two of the disc type for my polisher, but they are too much trouble to use when I can just grab the towel.



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