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    Re: How good are you windshield wiper arms

    I wouldn`t consider SF a dressing. It won`t run like a dressing. It`s dry to the touch. I was treating the windshield cowling, so kind of hard not to work near the glass. The harder part was not getting SF on the wiper arms, which it did and had a pleasant surprise. The carbon black (dye) seemed to soak into the powder coat. Maybe the linseed oil in SF hydrated the powder coat too?

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    Re: How good are you windshield wiper arms

    DBAILY- Ah, that`s good info, thanks for explaining. Even if it *did* convince me that the SF isn`t for me (Note that I also see why it`d be perfect for a lot of people.)

    And yeah..the cowls of my vehicles take me literally *hours* to do, using brushes, countless foam swabs, and other things. I often set aside a day for just that part of the car. Complicated pieces, just getting the lighting right is a chore. Absolutely awful task...good thing I don`t have to do the "big job" very often since I can maintain UTTG+ with D156 or even just IUDJ.


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