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    Re: 2 year ceramic vs carnuba test

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    Re: 2 year ceramic vs carnuba test

    I haven`t read every post so not sure if anyone brought this up but just because half the vehicle was coated doesn`t mean that the entire hood wasn`t coated. Does the roof look the same?? Do the doors on both sides look the same?
    Assuming the hood was split down the middle I also believe there has been protection added during the washes, a wash and wax car wash or something that left protection behind. The giveaway that some other protection is on there is the fact that the beading is consistent all the way across the hood. Try washing the vehicle with CarPro Reset or Feynlab Pure and see what the results look like. I`m pretty sure you`ll find the hydrophobic properties on the coated side increase and on the wax side there won`t be anything. You may actually have to wash it a couple times.
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    Re: 2 year ceramic vs carnuba test

    Just an idea from way out in Left Field, something that worked great for me when I wasn`t gonna bother with this stuff for a while:

    Absent somebody who`s meticulously cleaning the Dailies even in winter, I`d just go the Disposable Vehicle route. Put all the available resources (other than some $ ) into the ones that matter and just replace the beaters every few years.

    I know a scad of people who *NEVER* do any detailing at all; they just let the dealer do a wash/etc. during servicing, and then they get a new one after a few years (easy enough with today`s lease arrangements). Their vehicles don`t look any worse to me than most people`s "detailed" cars.

    When I read "..through a carwash" I think that, well..."that`s that!" with regard to the vehicle`s appearance. I mean, sheesh, it`s hard enough to keep something decent in the winter when an experienced person spends many hours with the right facilities. (Although I`ll admit I`m kinda, uhm...binary...about whether a vehicle looks OK/not ) Pick your battles...
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