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    Re: De-Ionized Water

    Quote Originally Posted by mobiledynamics View Post
    Ah, remember those days. Day long debates on CR spotless, Mytees, Duprays, the works. Where did all the hubba talk go. Did it hit a plateau. Did we all buy our toys and have withered off and gone fishing.

    Time for a throwback discussion. Yesterday, I was washing the cars, got called off to attend to something else. Sometime in between then, I got consumed and never did get a chance to dry the car. Anyhow, well you know what happens. It`s all good. Years ago I did have a CR spotless - the big one. It just wasn`t for me - just the setup , the connections to *my setup*, etc. Ended up selling it....

    Anyhow, I think maybe it`s time I circle back on my deionized water setup that will fit me needs. Time to put the thinking cap I can remember what was the pros/cons on the CR that led me to see it so I don`t end up in the same boat again

    Time to dig up superbees old posts. I know it had some good breakdown options as well

    I literally just went through this, I now picked up a CR spotless DIC-20. I forgot how nice washing in the sun was until I got this again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlmccarty2000 View Post
    At $21.99 it will remain a secret to me.

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    Re: De-Ionized Water

    in the winter I flush it dry (well as dry as possible with compressed air).
    in the summer yes I run it for like a 30 secs to a minute when i start using it.
    I use 5 gallon containers. I have several
    I mix a 5 gallon rinsless mix and use it slowly.
    I have not noticed any film or any odd artifacts.
    even after weeks. I just give it a good shake to mix up.
    I used Garry dean product but I have done other rinsless, chemical guys and Megs
    all work nicely.




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