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    Re: Common Newbie Detailing Mistakes

    Yes, I am bumping this thread to add:
    11) Trying to do compounding and polishing correction by hand and expecting it to look like the vehicle pictures posted in this Autopia forum.
    Sorry newbies, your hand-corrected vehicle might look "better" than what was started with, but professional detailers have both the buffing machines and expertise (IE, skill and ability) in using them that gets the excellent results of those vehicles as posted in the "click-n-brag" section of this forum that just cannot be obtained/duplicated by hand. Not trying to bust your bubble or put down your efforts. You just need to realize your limitations and expectations.
    Skill takes time and practice, and even then, not everyone has that ability to become a master detailer. Not saying you cannot or should not attempt trying to be like them, but rather be the best you can with what you have. That`s the reality of detailing. Not all very good golfers end up in the PGA tour, but is does not mean that you cannot enjoy the game of playing golf! Just don`t break your putter when you miss a 3-foot putt.
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    Re: Common Newbie Detailing Mistakes

    But don`t let that give you an excuse for *not* doing the areas that must be done by hand to an acceptable standard

    IMO while many just don`t have the physical/neurological characteristics to be an Elite Athlete, with enough perseverance I`d expect anybody without special challenges can become as good as he (really) wants to be at Detailing.

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    Re: Common Newbie Detailing Mistakes

    Funny you said that. 3 of my friends and I were playing a capt choice tournament the other day and the last hole we all missed a 4 ft birdie putt to go -12 we won anyway


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