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    After MENZ 3-1 Can I apply a sealant ?

    As the title reads gents.

    Am I able to apply a sealant over the Menzerna 3-1? I ask because Iíve read it has a carnuba in it and as we all know- sealant+ carnuba is okay but Iíve heard the other way around is a NO NO.

    Iím looking at a product to polish the car once a year (this is a fair weather summer only black automobile so it does not need a full 2/3 stage polish)

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    Re: After MENZ 3-1 Can I apply a sealant ?

    I would say go with a light polish then add a good sealant like Wolfgang deep gloss 3.0

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    Re: After MENZ 3-1 Can I apply a sealant ?

    Yes, you can apply a Sealant - but there is no assurance it will be around very long, because it is holding on to whatever Menzerna says is their wax on the finish already..

    I have used Menzerna PowerLock years past and it was a great Sealant back then, but other products like for example, Sonax Polymer Net Shield were much better at staying on the paint for many months at a time..

    I agree with Civicclutch above - just polish the already corrected paint to clean and further refine, a good wipedown always helps next, and then use a Sealant..
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    Re: After MENZ 3-1 Can I apply a sealant ?

    Agreed with the above comments. It would be more beneficial for you to give it a good polish ONCE, then apply & re-apply a quality, dedicated sealant as required.

    The benefit here is that you`re not going to be constantly having to polish the paint just to apply a sealant. Polishing once a year IMO is too much if the car is taken well care of - plus it would involve performing a heavier decontamination every time, which will only further damage the surface when using a clay bar for example.

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    Re: After MENZ 3-1 Can I apply a sealant ?

    I use Menz 3-n-1 AIO on a lot of minivans. I apply Collinite I845 on top or Autoglym HD wax. I also have been using it on our own minivan and I see about 4-6 months out of the combo.



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