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    I did some searching, but most of what I found seemed to be related to detailing non-faired/cruiser style bikes. I just took possession of a brand new Daytona 675 and there are some light swirls on a few of the plastic fairs.

    What are the right products and processes to remove them? I`m guessing a PC is too heavy-handed for this application and doing it by hand would be more appropriate? What products are going to be my best bet?


    I am open to a system approach like Zymol or similar if someone thinks that would work. I was going to detail the whole thing so starting a system with brand new skins/paint.


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    Got any pics??

    Is this plastic painted or raw??

    Need way more info?

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    I`m away from home all week so I can`t get pics.

    I believe the skins are painted and clear-coated.



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