Hi all,

Good to be here. I`m new to detailing, never really having done it before. However, I found this forum very informative, I read David`s guides, did some research, and bought a bunch of what seems to be the best stuff for an interior job on my Corolla `99:

I took the car to a professional retailer highly rated on Yelp, but they left it wet, and soon the interior started to smell like mold. So I said, I have to take the matter in my own hands.

My question is: I never did detailing. Could you guys please point me to how I should go about it, especially to make sure the musty odor goes away, and knowing what products I`m going to use? I mean, normally I`d just scrub away at the seats, but Ultima Shampoo says you have to just spray and wipe, and that sounds too easy.

Thanks in advance.