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    Sunlight and humidity play in cleaning windows? I`m doing many details where I cannot get indoors or in the shade and have bad luck w/ windows, primarly the front window. I currently use stoners i.g. and clean with a microfiber, then go over w/ another large microfiber. I didn`t know how big of a role the sun and humidity plays.


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    The sunlight and heat have a big role in how your windows turn out. If the sun in bearing down on the windows you have to try to spray the cleaner and wipe it off as fast as possible.

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    Windows are a pain in the rear to clean in direct sunlight and/or when the glass is hot. It`s always best to do in the shade, in the morning, at dusk, etc. You`ll need the sunlight though to check for streaking. So many times I`ve cleaned my windows thinking they`re perfect, then I get it out into sunlight and there`s always that one angle where you just see streaks everywhere! :hairpull Cleaning in the shade does help avoid that to some extent, though.
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    I don`t think it is so much the "light" but more the temperature of the glass. If it is too hot the product (or parts of the product) evaporates too fast and you can`t work it properly.

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    If you are working in the sun, try using one MF that is lightly damp with straight water, and another MF that is dry. Unless the windows are *really* dirty I rarely need to use window cleaner at all.



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