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Thread: Turtle Wax Ice

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    Does anyone know if it is any good with the funky nano-technology (maybe odd side effects or nething?

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    ICE is garbage. For the most part, IMO, Turtle Wax is garbage. The ONLY Turtle Wax product I`ll use is Platinum Ultra Gloss wax... that is one exception.

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    Turltle sent me a sample to "review" for a site I moderate at. Cliffs notes:

    1) Easy to apply and remove, even in sun

    2) Won`t stain trim, in fact it almost dresses trim

    3) Looks really nice after application, very "sealant-y", a lot like Zaino or FMJ

    4) You use very little product.


    1) Durability is total suck. I got 10 days on two cars, then since I though maybe I got a bad sample I bought a bottle; same results on three different cars. 10 days or so, no beading, no gloss.

    2) After it rains the trim streaks.

    3) It`s relatively expensive given the alternatives.

    So would I use it? No way; Poorboys EX/EX-P both go on in full sun, are as easy to use, look as good, don`t stain trim, and last months. Nevermind a myriad of other products available that do the same. Under two weeks durabilty and it better be Souveran, imo.
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    Platinum series is OK...

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    Sounds like OCW is a much better alternative.



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