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    Is it safe to use a QD like EO Spray and Wipe after running through a touchless car wash??? I ran my dark blue car through one yesterday and can now see tons of smears and streaks all over the vertical panels... Would it be safe to use a QD to remove these bady boys or is it going to induce unneccessary marring??? Thanks!

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    It really depends what those smears and streaks are. If they are laden with grit, they are very possibly going to induce marring into your black(?) paint, if you aren`t careful. If it is just some detergent residue, you should be fine with the QD. One of the non-rinsing (QEW, ONRWS) or waterless (S&W) washes may give you a better shot at not marring. Do it now, it`s 29 and it won`t freeze right now if the car is in the sun!

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    Touchless car washes are notorious to not get the car completely clean. Most of the time they leave a residue of dirt behind! There is no way that I`d ever wipe anything over my paint after going through a touchless, because I know I`d be causing a lot of un-nescessary damage. However, if I had to, I`d make sure that I had a good quality QD, and nothing over the counter.

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    Yeah, as the others said, you`d need some cleaners to help prevent marring. S+W would be your best bet for a quick fix, IMO. (unless you wanted to carry a bucket with you to the wash.)
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    I would never QD after only a touch-less, the touch-less car washes don`t work all that well not worth the risk.
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    Don`t QD, instead QEW. After a touchfree gets all the gritty stuff off the QEW process is a snap. Odds are the QD will do more damage than good.



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