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    Here`s what I`ve got...

    Collinite IW and Fleetwax



    Does anyone have any experience with these in high humidity? I`ve read that some have problems with SG in humid situations. Does the humidity affect the wax based products as well?

    I also have #26 which I like, but this weekend I`ll be helping my buddy with his new Tahoe that lives outside, so I want to use something that lasts.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Man, in humid conditions I use EX or EX-P. The meguiars LSP`s can be used, but you will need additional set up time. UPP, for me is off limits in the summer in Memphis...the streaking is horrible even with a two hour set up time. I used WG over the weekend for the first time and it was great in the humid conditions. With what you have on hand, I would use the #16.....
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    Blackfire, lol. oh dear...don`t even try it.

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    I use the Klasse SG in humid Texas summer but count on at least an hour or two+ after your initial THIN application before attempting removal. I usuall will apply it THIN in the evening and then after an overnight buff it off and then repeat the cycle the next night. Aside from the "garage time" required it`s my go to LSP year round.

    Waxes, however, do seem to give me a bit of a problem with streaking in the humidity. Nothing that a bit of QD won`t cure, but certainly not WOWO like in the cooler, drier times of the year.



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