I know this product has gotten a lot of bad press for not working as well as the thioglycol iron removers, and for staining concrete orange, but I tried mine today and I rather liked it.

My wife was washing her car this afternoon, and pointed out to me a couple of reddish/brownish spots on the back bumper that weren`t coming off with her wash media. I figured it was some tree/bug staining so I grabbed some cleaner wax and tried to remove the spots, but it didn`t really work at least for one of them. I started to think it might be some fallout or brake dust, but she was done washing and I didn`t really want to stink up the car with a traditional iron remover, so I decided this was a good reason to try the Stoner product.

I shook it a little but the bottle seemed to be really full, and sprayed it on. It seemed to have blue clumps in it, not sure if that was an active or just some dye that settled out that I couldn`t shake up from the bottom, but quickly I started getting orange streaks (this product turns iron orange, rather than purple). The spot in question now looked black instead of brown, but even more sprays and agitation with my fingertip wasn`t dislodging the particle. I decided to try some fine clay, but that didn`t budge it either. After some more applications and dwell, I either dislodged it or dissolved it, because now it`s gone.

So, all in all this was pretty interesting to me, and I guess I learned a couple of things, one, that I should be using this product more, and two, even though my wife`s car spends most of its time in the garage, I need to keep up better on the LSP to stop this kind of stuff sticking in the first place.