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    upholstery cleaner? CarGuys Super Cleaner


    It`s been a long while since I was my 1998 car got older, I was detailing it less ..and less..But now I have a 2017 blue Honda CRV!

    I`m looking for a cleaner for the inside seats (not leather)..mix of cloth and plastic.

    I found that CarGuys Super Cleaner has excellent cleaning power, but living in Canada it ships for $55!!! OUCH!
    There must be an alternative product that is just as good, no?
    I also need a good wheel cleaner.

    Any recommendations?
    Thank you

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    Re: upholstery cleaner? CarGuys Super Cleaner

    Murphy Oil soap in the spray bottle for plastic, vinyl, and leather---hard surfaces. Folex cloth and carpets.

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    Re: upholstery cleaner? CarGuys Super Cleaner

    John316: (subtle reference to the New Testament Biblical verse "For God so loved the world...." or something else?)
    I assume you are looking for something Over-The-Counter (OTC) that you can buy at either a car parts store (Canadian Tire?) or retail store (Walmart?) in Canada, rather than having to pay the mentioned "OUCH" shipping cost from a USA-based internet detailing reseller.

    The above mentioned Folex is good. Home Depot used to carry that carpet cleaner.
    You COULD try Bissels`s or Hoover`s Carpet and Fabric shampoos from Walmart.
    One OTC stain remover I like is WD-40`s Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover. Works well for "some" tar and oil stains, but on light-colored fabrics, it tends to discolor them slightly, like the oil or tar petroleum at it dissolves gets wicked or spreads over a wider area, so don`t over-use it or flood the stain. This is like the lubricant WD-40 itself that has been used by some as a tar remover, but without the fishy-oily smell.
    OR try L.A. Totally Awesome from a dollar store. It`s OK for cleaning, but the odor/fragrance is kinda "industrial".

    Another suggestion is to go to a place that sells carpets or sells commercial cleaning equipment like extractors. Many times they have the carpet or upholstery fabric cleaning products that go along with their carpets or equipment that might be used BY HAND for cleaning your Honda seat fabric. They may also have specialty cleaners of specific stains or cleaning problems , like pet odors, red dye stains (think fruit punch or cherry Pop-sicles!), oil and grease stains, that can be used in such cleaning situations that you may encounter. I have a local carpet store that sells high-end residential and commercial carpets , Pursian rugs, and carpet cleaning equipment. I use their carpet products manufactured by DSC Products Inc out of Muskegon, MI that I can buy OTC from them. They have a high-traffic stain pre-treater called Sure-Pass RTU (Ready-To-Use) that works wonders on carpet floor mats and seat fabrics.
    One other product that you should consider is a salt-remover. I use Sprayway`s Salt-Off that works very well on carpet floor mats with such winter de-icing salt debris that encrusts carpet floor mats and driver-side carpet foot wells. Being in Canada I think you are well aware of that problem, just like your "friends/jerks (yah, we are kinda both)" to the south as we are in Wisconsin.

    That said, I STILL prefer an automotive-based specific carpet cleaner from a detailing product manufacturer. The better one I found is Optimum Polymer Technology`s (OPT) Carpet and Fabric Cleaner and Protectant. Works extremely well on normal dirt and grim in carpets and seat fabrics and smells pretty good.

    Still need more suggestions and info on fabric cleaners? See this referenced thread on this very subject:
    Easiest product for fabric seat stains
    GB detailer

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    Re: upholstery cleaner? CarGuys Super Cleaner

    Folex is the best. Not harsh and you don’t have to be concerned with any rinse or extracting. No one should be without this product. CTC has it in Canada in the cleaning section.
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    Re: upholstery cleaner? CarGuys Super Cleaner

    Sonax has a nice cleaner for alcantara or immitation suede.



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