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    A novice comparo test - 4x Griot`s, Sonax, FK

    First off, let me take this opportunity to thank our members that deliver the really scientific comparison tests. This will not be one of those.

    Think of this more like a Go/NoGo gauge. Due to my commute and putting family time first, I can`t say I`ll stay consistent on how often the car will get washed, though honestly I figure that`ll be part of the appeal. For testing, (and to keep it "in the family"), I`ll only be using Griot`s Brilliant Finish Rinseless Wash.

    I`ll try to provide updates as I observe anything noteworthy.

    What`s the test? Took the chance to try out a few things I`ve had sitting on the shelf that I`ve been curious to compare. Divided my roof into 7 sections and will be comparing:

    1: Griot`s Liquid Gloss Poly Wax - Applied after cleaning up the section with Griot`s Correcting Cream
    2: Griot`s Ceramic 3 in 1 Wax - Applied over Griot`s Finishing Sealant
    3: Griot`s Finishing Sealant (standalone)
    4: Ceramic Speed Shine mixed 50/50 with Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer
    - Applied after cleaning up with Griot`s Correcting Cream
    5: Ceramic Speed Shine - Applied after cleaning up with Griot`s Correcting Cream
    6: Griot`s Ceramic 3 in 1 Wax - Applied after cleaning up with Griot`s Correcting Cream
    7: FK1000P - Applied after cleaning up with Griot`s Correcting Cream

    You may ask:
    Why products over Finishing Sealant instead of bare naked paint?
    Since it`s not as easy as I`d like to be able to spend the hours required to do a full correction/application, I`m toying with doing touch ups with an all in one and topping with an LSP. More specifically, using the method I learned about here from Cruz`s car wash where you: do your AIO and let it all haze, then apply a spray of your LSP to the panel and buff it all off.
    I did this last summer with my Wife`s Mom`s car using Blackfire One Step and Sonax PNS and was really happy with the results. Why not just keep doing that combo? A: Out of PNS. B: thanks to too much reading on here, I`ve got way too many things on the shelf to try and too little time to use them.

    Why would you mix Ceramic Speed Shine and Brilliant Shine Detailer?
    A while back, people talked more about doing mixes of BSD with V07 spray sealant to help cut down on the grabbiness of BSD. I figured - Hey, I don`t have V07, but I`ve got this Ceramic Speed Shine that`s pretty sweet, why not? Are they compatible? Maybe Probably Not? But I bet it won`t rot my roof off, so why not give it a shot?

    As mentioned above, I didn`t go super scientific setting it up. No tape, just used reference points to set up my test areas. For my own car, I didn`t really want to leave any glaring lines where one section was polished vs AIO`d. I figure when it`s all over, it`ll be plenty easy to blend it all back together.

    Observations during application:
    Liquid Gloss Poly Wax was super nice to apply/remove. You forget how little work a thinly applied liquid sealant is! Also, nary a drop of sweat shed worrying about high spots.
    I applied FK1000 too heavily by hand, so buff off was a bit finicky. Again, did that to myself.
    Shortly after applying everything, I found the BSD mixture was eager to separate/congeal? I only mixed like an ounce of it in a little 3oz pump sprayer, so no loss there.

    Ran out of lunch hour, so I`ll wrap it up here for now. I`ll jump on Tapatalk to get a photo or two up.

    More updates to follow shortly - There`s been pollen and rain since the test started.

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    Re: A novice comparo test - 4x Griot`s, Sonax, FK

    The home brew concoction are interesting I do the same thing to tinker. I remember the BSD/v07
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    Re: A novice comparo test - 4x Griot`s, Sonax, FK

    Oneheadlite- Ah, this`ll be interesting!
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