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Thread: New Formula ONR

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    Re: New Formula ONR

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
    I am laughing because I cleaned out an interior in a loaner car once while my Subaru was having warranty work done on it. It just "needed" it according to my OCD standards. The service department did thank me.
    I remember the last time I got a loaner from the Audi dealership while they did a recall on the Mrs` Q5, I had to clean the insides of all the windows. Looked fine when I left the lot, then halfway home the sun hit and I couldn`t stand it. I did leave the half a large fry that was spilled between the driver`s seat and the console.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
    Never thought about using ONR on house flooring as it might be too slick with what it leave behind.
    I made sure to test it everywhere I was curious about trying it before I went for it. Surprisingly it`s perfectly fine (on my floors). No issues for the pooches either (Great dane/mastiff mix and a Dane/dog mix).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
    So, Oneheadlite, what ARE you using now for a rinse-less wash these days??
    Was worried about going off original topic - Lately I`ve been using the 2 Griot`s options - Their Brilliant Finish (leave nothing) and their Rinseless Wash and Wax. Both clean well and final wipe/buff off is easy. ONR WW for me wanted to streak, Wolfgang Uber gets dusty (for me) quickly, N914 was fine but for me Griot`s just beats it for ease of use (again - final wipe off).

    Mike Phillips sent me a sample of the Ultima Acrylic Waterless wash for participating in a "Find my thread where" thing he did, but haven`t had a chance to try that one yet. From what I`ve read it can be used as a rinseless as well, I just haven`t decided what I want to use it on (IE: What LSP to use it over).
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    Re: New Formula ONR

    There was a test on Detailing for Dummies Facebook page just go on to Facebook, type in Rinseless Wash in the search bar and it will come up, it is a test between ONR, Gloss Shop Sublime and McKees N914.

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    Re: New Formula ONR

    Oh the glass IMO it`s a serious safey issue, a genuine existential imperative. Only takes a moment to change your life forever....

    Heh heh, I not only do Service Loaners and Rentals, but even did Driving School vehicles whenever we had "assigned to driver" ones. (Well, OK..not the ones that got paintballed/etc., but all the others.)
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