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    Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    A few months ago, I was provided a bottle of Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant to try out. My first experience using it on my neighbors Porsche Cayenne was very positive. The only problem was I don`t see the vehicle all that often and I don`t maintain it. This makes it really hard to learn much about a product beyond how well it goes on and how it looks.

    So, in order to see what it`s really like to live with Wolfgang`s SiO2 Sealant, I`ve applied it to my own car and I`m going to run it all winter. The car is daily driven and sits out in the elements all day long when I`m at work and it will see a couple road trips. The weather here is typical just-below-the-snow-belt mid-west USA. It will experience snow, salt, ice, rain, cold, and long periods of being covered in grime.

    As for maintenance, I`m not going to treat the car any differently than I would any other vehicle regardless of LSP. I`ll wash it by hand when able (i.e. not too cold), otherwise it will be run though a touchless. If a QD spray is needed for any reason, it will be EcH2O.

    Starting now, the clock is ticking. Let`s see where this takes us. I applied two coats simply to ensure I covered everything evenly. For here on out, that`s all it will get. Periodically, I`ll be updating this thread with pictures and thoughts on how the sealant is holding up.

    Since I finished after sundown and today is another dreary, gray fall day, the best image I can offer from a really bright garage. The kind of conditions that make just about anything look good.

    A couple other notes from working on my car this weekend.

    - Everything I said about the sealant from my first use still stands. The product is really easy to use and looks amazing

    - The CanCoat I polished off was still going strong from a protection standpoint...12 months later. I`m sure regular applications of Cure and Elixr probably had a lot to do with it`s long lifespan. There is no telling how much longer it would have lasted. However, after 12 months of life and environment and multiple QD and booster sprays, the car just didn`t look as good. The paint started to look dull and lifeless.
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    Re: Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    In for this. Was considering can coat or Wolfgang.

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    Re: Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    I`ve gotten 6 months in the winter and about 3 in the summer down here in South Florida. Looking forward to see how it holds over the winter up north.
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    Re: Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    Here we go with the first update. Never thought I`d do one this soon.

    We had hours of pouring rain yesterday, so the car was literally, "ridden hard and put away wet." I drove it home via a couple errands and parked it in the garage.

    Water beading is shown below. I`d put them as better than any sealant I`ve used, but not quite like a coating. Not bad...just different. I didn`t get any better pictures since because I didn`t want to get my phone too wet. Also, the water beads do easily roll right off at fairly low speeds (around 45 mph) which provides a few hints the water sheading ability is pretty decent.

    After sitting in the garage I didn`t notice any water spotting, which is also a good sign. There is more gloom and rain today, so still no good chances of any bright sun pictures.

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