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    Windshield Wow! a new product coming soon.

    Crowd funding link removed.

    For us on here this probably would be too much work because we`d have to change thje microfibers too many times. But, it`s a good idea (if it works) and for regular people I could see them liking it. I`m curious myself and would like to try it and see how well it works.

    It`s basically like the Invisiglass window cleaning tool, but with 4 flexible heads and has some strong calibrated magnets. Whatever the hell that means lol. And you put one on the inside of the window and the magnet bonds with the one on the outside of the window. Cleaning the inside window without actually having to get in the car sounds pretty good to me. I suppose changing the MF`s for a 2nd/3rd pass wouldn`t be too much work.

    Anyone here gonna get this when it`s out? It reached it`s initial $10k goal apparently in only 20 minutes and raised like 150k. I don`t follow crowd funding much so I dunno, but that seems pretty impressive.

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    Re: Windshield Wow! a new product coming soon.

    Too bad this isn’t one of those $39.99 As Seen On TV products where they say, “but wait” and include two more MFs. Maybe it will come to TV in time, who knows? I hope this proves to be a truly valuable tool.
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    Re: Windshield Wow! a new product coming soon.

    That`s a neat idea

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    Re: Windshield Wow! a new product coming soon.

    Not much different than Mag-Float for cleaning aquarium glass. It floats for when the magnets lose contact and separate. Which happens rather easily!

    I wouldn`t trust it. I believe inevitably it will separate, fall and possible damage the dash or some other bits.
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