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    Has anyone ever seen this product or used it?

    I canít find this on the Adams website, but I did find it on Amazon through the Adamís polishes seller filter.

    Claims are 90 days of protection; effortless spray or rinse off application; added hydrophobicity, slickness, and gloss; can be used on all surfaces.

    4-6 sprays in a 4ft x 4ft area and rinse off with pressurized water.

    I know itís the same instructions as any spray on rinse of product, but Iíve never seen it on Adamís website anywhere.

    Anyone ever seen or used this product yet?

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    Re: Has anyone ever seen this product or used it?

    I know not a help to the question, but i never knew Adams was here in Denver. Just had never used any of their products.

    since its not on their website. I wonder if it`s a fake product being sold. Call or email Adams directly and see what they say about it.
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    Re: Has anyone ever seen this product or used it?

    Maybe it was discontinued by Adams?

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    Re: Has anyone ever seen this product or used it?

    Adams posted somewhere that it was released on Amazon first and that it will be on their site soon. It is essentially a hydro2/wet coat type product.
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