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    Question Can you mix Iron-X and Tar-X in a sprayer?

    When I decontaminate, I use the Iron-X (or similar product) followed by Tar-X (or similar product). I know that CarPro had TRIX that was a combo.
    Everytime I do this, my hand gets tired from the small spray bottles that also allow mist to blow away with just a little wind. I was thinking of using these products in the IK Multi Pro 2 sprayer. Then I thought...can I save myself a set and mix them 50/50? Would it be that simple?
    Just wonder if there`s a reason that the these steps should be handled separately versus combined.

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    Can you mix Iron-X and Tar-X in a sprayer?

    Iron X makes a product called Trix (or something like that). It is both tar x and iron x combined in it.

    I’ve always wondered if I could add both a tar remover and an iron remover to some shampoo and foam it through my cannon

    Edit* I missed the part where you said you already know about Trix - sorry about that
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    Re: Can you mix Iron-X and Tar-X in a sprayer?

    That’s a good question to post on the CarPro forum if no one here knows. Personally I like to use them separately and I’ve tried Trix and I didn’t think it did a very good job of removing tar or iron decon. I kind of one of those good ideas that fails in practice.



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