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    Re: 2020 Ceramic Coating 1 Year Test

    Quote Originally Posted by The Guz View Post
    This is why I think spray coatings are over hyped and overrated. If anything they are more of a glorified spray wax. Just my opinion as no spray coating will ever compete with a true coating.

    I wouldn’t worry to much about the coating. It’s not blended by Adams. B&B blending is the blender. They are the blenders for Jade Puris coatings.
    A guy on the Adam`s forums was saying he gets 9 months out of the ceramic boost and 3-4 months from the ceramic waterless. I don`t like to call people liars, but but I don`t see either being possible. Especially with you seeing the spray coating starting to poop out after only the first wash. If that`s the case Ceramic Boost`s a whole lot cheaper and might be a better way to go. I wouldn`t expect a year from a spray coating, but 6 months would be nice.

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    Re: 2020 Ceramic Coating 1 Year Test

    I forgot to add my update here.

    2 month update after some rain. Fast forward to 2:53 to see updates.

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