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    Re: Has Anyone Tried WoWo`s Care-Care Chemical Products??

    I’m still liking the crystal seal but I have a feeling WOWOs might not be in US long because of low sales. I used to offer duragloss 105 or 111 as my sealant to people. I’ve switched to crystal seal it has very good durability. Only con is it smells bad like silicone caulk bad and is a tad more effort to buff clean. I don’t mind the smell and little bit of extra wipe effort needed because durability is above average.

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    Re: Has Anyone Tried WoWo`s Care-Care Chemical Products??

    Quote Originally Posted by Coatings=crack View Post
    Looks good on white? I appreciate the offer but if it’s i end up liking it i wouldnt be able to get anymore. $50 delivered from europe puts it in PA price range.

    Thanks for the offer though... stand up people on this forum.

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    Yes it looks good on light colors.

    Well at least you can say you tried it.
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    Re: Has Anyone Tried WoWo`s Care-Care Chemical Products??

    I wanted to get a couple of MF wash pads and some detailing brushes, so while I was there I picked up a couple of wowo products that were on sale. I got the glass cleaner, interior finisher, and wheel cleaner. I already have some of the car soap, which is pretty decent, and the tar remover which has a super strong solvent smell. My initial test of the glass cleaner was very positive. Cleaned well with no streaks and left the glass decently slick. It dyed my white towel pink tho. My favorite glass cleaner of all time is poorboys world and this stuff won`t unseat it but so far seems to be a worthy competitor. I heard good things about the interior detailer so I can`t wait to try that.


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