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    Mod question maybe? Or advice from the Old timers

    So when I first got serious about detailing, (as serious as I can be with 2 DDís and young boys riding in both cars) I bought products from a company who is excellent at marketing. As well as other products that didnít work for me.

    I have since purchased replacement products from other companies based on reading recommendations here from fellow users.

    I notice there isnít a classified sub-forum here like I utilize on other forums for other hobbies I have.

    Am I allowed to post pictures of the products to see if anyone on here wants to trade?

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    Re: Mod question maybe? Or advice from the Old timers

    I believe we are still allowed to trade products. But there is no selling and the trades are not site sanctioned. So it is trade at your own discretion.

    A while ago I had a trade thread that I should really review and bring back to life.

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    Re: Mod question maybe? Or advice from the Old timers

    THE SWAP MEET is the sub-forum you are wanting. Trading of detailing products is allowed, selling is however not allowed. Give it a shot.
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