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    Building this for my pad storage

    This is kind of pricey and probably not even the best solution. But I`m trying to piece together an easy to use modular mobile setup. They come in all heights and you can stack and lock them and add wheels. It ends up being kinda expensive and overkill for what I need. But, those are 2 of my specialties lol. This is a Festool Systainer 2 (or maybe 3) with Tanos T Loc 1-3 high inserts. I`m thinking with the Lake Country thin pads I could fit 24 in there. If it`s too tight, it`ll hold at least a dozen.

    My question is, does anyone here have a solution here outside of the normal bag that has a few pockets or something?
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    Re: Building this for my pad storage

    I just use a plastic bin that is big enough for the pad size. They have them at Walmart with clamping lids. And they stack.

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    Re: Building this for my pad storage

    Try this.... Home Depot at times has all the boxes for $98

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