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    Detail Juice Foaming Rinseless Washes (OFF ROAD Snow Foams)

    Has anyone else seen Garry Dean`s new foaming Rinseless Wash Concentrates? They have peaked my curiosity, if one can purchase $79 worth of products to earn free shipping, the $19.99/16oz for the "OFF ROAD Snow Foams", price of entry is pretty reasonable given the price of Ammo Frothe, for 16oz of product. I know that I have room in my arsenal for a strong foaming rinseless wash that leaves no residue, these days I am getting tired of the residue that normal, emulsifying, car shampoo`s, used as pretreatment, leave behind. Hopefully the Ammo Frothe and OFF ROAD Snow Foams are the start of a new category rinseless wash prep.

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    Re: Detail Juice Foaming Rinseless Washes (OFF ROAD Snow Foams)

    I Googled Detail Juice Foaming Rinseless, and all I could find was a Youtube video where it looks like maybe he put IUDJ in a sprayer with a ducky foaming nozzle on it. I know not everything can magically foam if put in a foam sprayer. But I would imagine a lot of rinseless or waterless would. The only reason FROTHe foams is the foaming pump sprayer Larry sells, it wouldn`t do that in a non foaming sprayer. I googled Off Road Snow foam and found absolutely nothing. Where are you seeing it? I even poked around on his web site and couldn`t find it, or even mention of it. But, his web site is kind of poorly designed and Google doesn`t seem to index what`s on it very well. Could you PM me a link? I`d like to read up on it.

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    Re: Detail Juice Foaming Rinseless Washes (OFF ROAD Snow Foams)

    Here is the video that I found:

    As far as finding it on his web store, go to "Shop" and it should come up, the OFF ROAD Snow Foams should show up on the "Shop" page.

    Very interesting concept as the only rinseless washes that I have experienced to foam decently well is Frothe, followed by Mckee`s 37, but it`s foaming ability is nowhere near Frothe. Frothe foams well in other foamers too, even diluting under the recommended ratio, but even so, a foaming product will not foam very well in a non-foaming sprayer. I think between OFF ROAD Foams and FROTHe, we have a new element in Rinseless/Waterless washing, I am quite intrigued by these products.



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