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    Re: Which of these "sealants" would you recommend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Astouffer512 View Post
    I most likely with my in-experience was also working to large of a panel as well...
    I bet part of why I`m OK with M105 is that I always work really small areas at a time when I`m being aggressive, never even close to the "2` x 2` " that some advocate.

    But yeah I doubt I will use it again the next time I use a compound
    Makes sense; I`m *NOT* in favor of struggling to "master a product/process" when there`s an easier alternative.

    I always read on here and hear the guys I watch in you tube saying about soft paint / hard paint. Are fords known to be either or? Does this effect which brands of compounds / polishes you use?
    I`m only familiar with the paint on their Crown Vics, which I consider middle-of-the-road Medium. I`d still use M105/M101/etc. (aggressive stuff) if the marring was nasty, but I might try something milder (probably HD Cut, just because I have it, otherwise probably something from Griot`s) if it looked "a bit too bad for my Finishing Polish but not awful". But then I never "push" my Finishing Polish to do aggressive work the way some people do with stuff like M205.

    So in a nutshell, I`d want something comparable to M105 (e.g., maybe Griot`s Fast Correction Cream) for the initial pass(es).

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    Re: Which of these "sealants" would you recommend?

    Spent the afternoon yesterday getting our fusion sealed with the powerlock. Washed / clay mitt & decon / didnít do any correction by machine though. Did a wipe down and then went over it with CGís blacklight then put down the powerlock, I decided to do it after we had our boys down for a nap so I decided to just deal it good and this spring (when itís warmer) really go over it good to get it to a good fresh start.

    Another product I have that I actually really like, and donít have the high spot / hard to remove issues that a lot of people the same to is CGís Hydroslick. I coated all the glass and non painted trim in that. And like I said I seem to have no issues removing it like some seem to.

    Hopefully this weekend Iíll get the tires and rims done on it. Question, I donít have a garage and I donít have the tools necessary to pull the wheels. So the long part of this for me is going to be cleaning what I can, moving forward a little bit to clean the rest, and the same process for the rims correct?

    Iíll say even by applying everything by hand the powerlock was one of the easiest things I ever removed. It was even a little sunny toward the end of the day as I was finishing it up. First time ever doing a sealant was compared to just wax.

    I noticed this morning as I was leaving, we had a heavy frost and it almost appeared as if there was a layer of ice on her paint, never saw that before after a frost.

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    Re: Which of these "sealants" would you recommend?

    Astouffer512- Ah, sounds like things are going well. I like that you`re not trying to do some huge project right before Winter...just having it protected sounds good to me.

    "Yes, sounds good" regarding your plan for the wheels/tires.


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