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    Iron X / decontamination run-off

    New to detailing and a question

    I have no garage and 2 young boys so I am slowly working my way around my vehicle compounding / polishing sections at a time. My entire passenger side of the vehicle is compounded / polished / and sealed.

    I applied C.G Hydroslick to the bare paint, topped that with CG Blacklight, then topped that with CH Jetseal

    In an unfortunate circumstance my wife has to visit a childhood friend in the hospital tomorrow and I will be using a vacation day to take the boys to school so I will have some time tomorrow to work on another section or 2.

    My thoughts are tackling the hood / front and the rear hatch.

    Assuming after the wash and prior to coat I will need to spray CarPro IronX to remove any surface contamination prior to coating, will the Iron-X run-off affect the coating I just applied to the passenger side on Saturday?

    I suppose I could just skip the Iron-X but I thought Iíd ask opinions from those who have much kore experience than me.

    I know it seems CG her a bad rap on a lot of the online forums but I got a really great discount code from them when I called to ask some questions so I took the deal for my first try


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    Re: Iron X / decontamination run-off

    It could affect what you had already done. I probably would have decontaminated the whole vehicle with Iron-X after washing it. The amount of environmental fallout that you would get in a day or two is probably not going to be enough to affect the application process. Are you also using a "mechanical" contamination remover such as clay bar? I will always do both chemical (Iron X, right after washing) and then mechanical (clay bar) to ensure all contaminates are removed. I think if you would have used the Iron-X initially and then just prior to your polishing/sealant application, used a clay bar, you would be alright.
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    Re: Iron X / decontamination run-off

    I will use a clay bar, yes

    I see what you are saying about just using the Iron-X at one time. I was planning on it and then I donít know why I didnít. Beginners mishap I suppose. I think Iíll skip using it in the hood / front and back hatch of my equinox and just wax and clay those portions tomorrow after my wash

    Another question not on this topic. I washed my buffing pads on Saturday after the passenger side detail, and as of this morning they were still a little damp. Can I put them in my clothes dryer on the air dry (no heat setting) tonight to get them dry?

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