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    Torque Mirror Shine

    Any opinions?

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    Re: Torque Mirror Shine

    Voted #1 in this article. It gets a lot exposure. They also make a spray coating. In the future I would like to try it to see if it lives up to the hype.
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    Re: Torque Mirror Shine

    I`ve been wondering about this too. Made somewhere in Tampa so it`s got to be fairly close. I just hate to buy another container of hype that will adorn a shelf until I find out whether there really is an afterlife.
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    Re: Torque Mirror Shine

    Quote Originally Posted by PA DETAILER View Post
    ...Voted #1 in this article..
    That looks like another of those InfoTorial-type write-ups that I always assume are BS; I wouldn`t even call it an "article", but rather "click-bait". So many of them even have...!and hey, bingo, there it is!...M20 listed as a mid-pack choice, gee coincidence?

    I read that and think [unflattering thoughts], which might be really unfair, but it just sounds *way* too BS-y, even if I could overlook the typos.
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    Re: Torque Mirror Shine

    Best stuff since sliced bread

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    Re: Torque Mirror Shine

    No comparison to sliced bread.So much better. 3 coats will also prevent crabgrass and teenagers from from ass answer`s



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