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    Coating Question

    I`ve been out of the detailing game for a bit. The last coating I used was Optimum Gloss Coat. Is this still a great coating or is there something that`s better to try? The OPC was very easy to apply which I liked and durability has seemed to be great.

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    Re: Coating Question

    Welcome back, jw3571 !

    Optimum Gloss Coat is still made and sold here at the Autopia Store -

    Not sure how long you have been gone, but there are a lot of coatings out now..

    If you still like Optimum Gloss Coat, this link says it is a New Formula..

    Good luck with your research..
    Dan F

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    Re: Coating Question

    Are there other I should be considering?

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    Re: Coating Question

    There are better coatings than Gloss Coat from my experience.

    Just off the top of my head on some recent ones I have tried out.

    Cquartz UK 3.0
    GTechniq Crystal Serum Light topped with Exo
    Cquartz TiO2 aka Classic
    22ple VX Pro2
    Competition Ready Team 1929 Bentley
    1999 Silvermist Metallic Pontiac Grand Prix GT
    2002 Arctic White Chevy Camaro SS
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