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    Foam Cannon and Wheel questions

    Hello All,
    I have a few question about some products as it is finally becoming nice weather and its time to do some detailing. First off, what foam cannon would you all recommend? I have a pressure washer with the quick connector (like an air compressor nossle), and i also have a hose. Are the cannons that are made to attach to the pressure washer better than the ones you put on the hose? I would like to get a foam cannon that works well but isn`t hundreds of dollars. Along with this, what soaps have you all found to work the best for washing and presoaking to get the grime and grit off so you don`t scratch the paint? I plan to use it to wash the exterior of the car regularly but am planning to get the bottom of the car clean, such as the suspension and all of that soft of thing. Does anyone have any good tips for cleaning the bottom of a car that has a winters worth of road grime on it? i have a gloss black powder coated rear end so i don`t want to scratch it..

    On another hand, I plan to coat the wheels once i deep clean them. What coatings/protectants don`t break the bank but protect and shine aluminum wheels?

    Thanks in advance, hope everyone has a great day

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    Re: Foam Cannon and Wheel questions

    I`ll take a shot at answering some of your questions...

    Foam cannon recommendations - You can buy an Amazon cheapie (20.00), which will work okay, but the MTM PF22 is the way to me. For foaming, it works better than the foam guns that go on the end of a garden hose.

    Soap recommendations - I don`t do much pre-soaking, but the ones that are better at removing road grime are typically not PH balanced. They rely on more acidic cleaners to break down grime without agitation. I like Griots Surface Wash. For a Ph-balanced soap, it seems to do a decent job breaking stuff down.

    Undercarriage wash - There are attachments for your pressure washer you can buy to accomplish this.

    Wheel coatings - I`ve used Poor Boys Wheel sealant and McKees Wheel coating. Mckees is a lot more expensive, but a lot easier to use, and has given me better durability. I`ll be trying CarPro CQuartz Dlux when I see the next good sale



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