I see that Meguiar`s is offering a NEW Ultimate Consumer Line 3-in-1 wax. Has anyone tried this yet?
Some of the reseller say it will not be available until Mid-February, but I am wondering if this is not a replacement or an improvement of their old Color-X product (not to be confused with Swirl-X or Plastic-X) that was a forum favorite several years ago. I REALLY liked Color-X, as one Autopian described it as "Meg`s Cleaner Wax on steroids", and it was just that.
I do realize that this another all-in-one (AIO) product offering that Meg`s is adding to their car-care chemical line-up, when you consider that they have:
1) Professional Line M66 Quick Detailer AOI
2) Professional Line M6 Cleaner Wax
3) Detailer Line D151 Reconditioning Cream
4) Detailer Line D301 Finishing Wax
5) Detailer Line D166 Ultra Polishing Wax
6) Mirror Bright MB0214 Polishing Wax
7) Classic Consumer Line A1216 Cleaner Wax
8) NXT Consumer Line Wax 2.0 (Kinda?)
You get the idea; a lot of product overlap. Granted, each product line reaches a "different" level or type of car-care person, as the name implies and obviously, each has its specific detailing task for which it was developed and marketed. Personally, as a detailing hobbyist, I use a lot of Meg`s products across all their lines, just because of their over-the-counter (OTC) availability and cost-performance (AKA value).

Just wondering what some of my fellow Autopians think of this new AIO product and how it compares to other.