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    Re: Sio2 over polymer-based sealant

    Just a sacrificial layer

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    Re: Sio2 over polymer-based sealant

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankR View Post
    That makes perfect sense. I actually get 6 months easy with UFF, and probably longer -- I strip it off every 6 months and re-apply, so don`t know how long it could go. No sense putting a full blown coating on top of UFF. But an SIO2-based topper? Unless it`s going to just run right off for something -- which it hasn`t, from what I can tell -- it doesn`t seem like a terrible mistake
    You are fine. I have done numerous rinseless washes with Ech2o on Sonax PNS, with no I`ll side effects.

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    Re: Sio2 over polymer-based sealant

    I don`t think a ceramic would last as long over a wax type of product. Over a true polymer product it probably would work fine.


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