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    Re: Protection against tree sap mist?

    You are fortunate (AKA, lucky) that the tree sap you are dealing with is water soluble or at least somewhat soluble in the presence of a emulsifier (AKA soap).

    Funny you mention this "misting" of sap. We have city-planted (and, hence, city-owned) Linden trees on our boulevard next to the street that drop leaves starting in June and drip (mist) this fine sap. Park your vehicle under them and it is just like your experience. Fortunately it is water soluble, but it is a pain to wash off. I end up using Optimum`s Power Wash at 4 ounces per gallon with Meg`s Detailer Line Hyper Wash Soap. I have also found that Turtle Wax`s Max Wash mixed at 9 ounces to a gallon along with the Hyperwash works OK as a (much) cost-effective (AKA cheaper) alternative.

    As a side note, we live near Lambeau Stadium where the Green Bay Packers play football during the NFL season. Our first pre-season game was last Thursday (08 August) at home and many fans park their vehicles on our street when attending the game because it is free (it IS a public street). A lady in a very nice British Racing Green MGB with the tan top down parked on the street next to our house under these trees. I asked if she was going to leave the top down, which she said she was. I informed her of the sap from the trees and what would happen to her interior if she stayed, even for a few hours. Wisely she moved.
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    Re: Protection against tree sap mist?

    Lonnie- Hey, good on you regarding that MG!

    The "water soluble" hadn`t occurred to me, but that sure *could* make all the diff! I`m thinking how some Pines and others are such a PIA to clean off tools and my hands, luckily nothing like that ever got on my vehicles! Elms, Oaks, not sure what else *has* gotten on them, but everything has always come off the FK just fine, even though it did *NOT* work that way with Collinite/M16/BF/etc. (long list).


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