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    Re: Haven`t posted in many years -- since the Klasse / P21S days. Now what?

    Quote Originally Posted by Setec Astronomy View Post
    I don`t think those were two different camps; the founder of Autopia (and the Autopia store) considered Klasse topped with P21S to be "the perfect shine" and named his company that.

    Interesting tidbit... when i lived in northern virginia at the time there was a pretty big split. The klasse folks tennded to side with the corvette zanio guys about the endless layering, whereas the PS21 folks just appreciated at the time that it was somewhat boutique and not a mother or meguiars product (with the obvious gloss and ease of application). On the bimmer forums everybody would just recommend buying the s100 versions from the local harley stores since autogeek and autopia were not as popular as they are today. Rejex was another sealant that was get alot of play, but that could have just been the circles i was in at the time with track folks at VIR and summit point, as it was marketed at the track pretty heave to help remove track marks and road debris from the front of cars.....

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    Re: Haven`t posted in many years -- since the Klasse / P21S days. Now what?

    Iím honestly not too sure how much of the hype I can believe in. The confusion amongst all products, even for a younger fella like myself is becoming an annoying challenge.

    I have no doubt advancements have been made. But how large of a difference? That Iím not sure of. Speaking of 21s, a couple days ago I decided to correct the spoiler on my Trans Am due to it taking a beating from the car cover going on and off (itís the highest point in the car and has a good leading edge)

    I finished it with a hydro tech blue pad which Iíve never used before. (So something other then the traditional LC pads Iíve used for ten years) and man has it been an eye opener! One pass. Using Menz 3500 and I was done! Couldnít believe it.

    I then decided to do the whole car with P21s because itís tried tested and well, the look is there.



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