Question 1: Going to be applying a coating of Feynlab Ceramic Lite here soon, and was curious if there is any reason specifically NOT to use an iron remover (in my case, DJFD) on the parts of my vehicle wrapped in SunTek Ultimate PPF?

My plan was just to clay the areas that are wrapped (hood, front bumper, side mirrors), but the rocker panel below the doors is covered in PPF as well and if I use the iron remover on the doors then it will absolutely run down onto that part of the PPF on the rockers...would love to get any feedback on this topic!

Question 2: I have used a carnauba liquid wax and spray wax on the PPF as my installer had said both would be fine (and I`ve seen no issues thus far). I`ve spoken with the coating company and they recommended using a soap "strong enough to strip any remaining wax" as opposed to using their panel preparation product which I will use on the painted surfaces...they also told me not to use Eraser as it wouldn`t play nice with the coating. Any thoughts or suggestions on best practices for prepping the PPF for it`s coating in regards to wax removal?

I did a bunch of research and couldn`t find really any definitive answers to those specific questions...would love to hear what you`ve had success (or failures) with!