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    Foam Gun Question

    I`m considering buying a foam gun that attaches to a garden hose and have a few questions. I wash in my garage, does it spray all over the place or is it pretty direct? Secondly, how do people use, do you spray the whole car down and then wash it off, or do you leave the foam on and then use a mitt to wash the car down? If you spray the whole car down, can you do the car fast enough so the foam doesn`t dry and cause spotting?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Foam Gun Question


    1. Rinse.
    2. Foam gun.
    3. Wash vehicle with bucket mixed with more soap.
    4. Rinse.
    5. Flood rinse
    6. Dry with drying aid.

    I would think it would be a mess inside a garage.
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    Re: Foam Gun Question

    Zero issues controlling where the foam goes. Easy as can be IME.

    I gotta write up my wash technique some time...I know, I`ve been saying that for years

    -Rinse (preferably pressure wash) vehicle
    -Spray foamgun output on vehicle
    -Spray foamgun output on wash medium that`s already soaked with shampoo solution
    -Touch wash medium *very lightly* against vehicle
    -Move wash medium a short distance across paint using an interrupted "jiggling" motion while spraying foamgun output at/directly ahead of the point of medium-to-vehicle contact. Yes, it takes a little acclimation (I got pretty dialed-in after maybe three dozen washes, though I`m always refining it even after all these years)
    -Rinse area and wash medium, inspect, repeat..if done correctly it`ll be so gentle that one pass will *NOT* get most things perfectly clean


    -Replace foamgun`s pistol grip with something easily operable with thumb (I use a full-flow shutoff)
    -Mix up gallon(s) of foamgun solution and (re)fill foamgun with that (I use ~7oz. shampoo : ~121oz water = ~1gallon)
    -DO NOT expect foamgun to completely eliminate need to rinse out wash media, though it *might* work that way with a BHB depending on your water pressure
    -I find that the "rinse" setting on the foamgun is less effective than rinsing with the hose (hence one hose for foamgun; one hose for rinsing)
    -I do the initial passes (absolutely plural!) with the BHB and then switch to mitts after everything *appears* clean; each area gets washed numerous times, each one being so gentle that marring isn`t an issue (and/but it doesn`t get clean right away either)
    -Mitts are filled with foamgun output and held shut at the cuff while being gently whisked across the vehicle; rinse/refill when all the shampoo mix has seeped out (at the latest)

    While I`d *NEVER* wash without a foamgun, and credit its use with my vehicles remaining (virtually) marring-free for ages, I`ll readily admit that those who`ve watched me wash all say something like "No way am I doing that, I`d rather have swirlmarks".



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