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    Re: Polish Angel Questions

    FWIW...and that ain`t much!

    1. WG Uber removal: I removed year old WG Uber with M205 and a LC Force orange pad quite easily
    2. Before removing the Uber, topped with PA High made it glossier, no ill effects. Took very little product to top 2004 Corvette.
    3. I don`t prime foam pads any longer, have seen no ill effects; much less product used and can get a little more mileage outta a pad on a panel-by-panel basis before needing to switch.
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    Re: Polish Angel Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer77 View Post
    Some more questions if I may.

    Pad priming- When I polish or apply a sealant I usually prime the pad with whatever product I am using. From everything I see, you use this in very small amounts, what do you folks prime your pad with? Also how much product do you put on the pad?
    I watched the PA videos and they show what I would guess was about a pea size dot, which I believe. I have also seen pictures here and that people posted, and it looked like they had a few smudges on the pad, which I also believe.

    High Gloss- I`ve seen they say a little goes along way. Anyone gauge how many sprays per panel/vehicle? Lotta love for this product here, when Ron said "I top EVERYTHING with high gloss". Enough for me, I am in. My only question should I get the
    200ml or do myself a favor and pony up for the 500ml. If anything it should last a long time.

    Other Products- I wash mainly with Meg`s Hyperwash, or CarPro Reset which should be more than fine. What about QD`s? I have grown fond of Ech2o 20:1 as my go to spray, still cool to use? I don`t want take away from the PA looks and hydrophobic
    properties. Same with a RW I usually use Wolfgang which has something in it, I do have some N914, probably the N914 would be the better choice? Or something else?

    Thanks again for your time. I am have/will be spending a little chunk of change on this stuff, just trying to figure it all out.

    on the last hellcat charger that I only used primer polish on, I was putting about 3 pea sized drops on the pad and doing about half a door,it spreads pretty far and it works a long time, you want to make sure you work invincible primer to where it is almost clear as that is when the receptors are properly laid out, after the polish diminishes out

    Sprays per car of high gloss? well if you have freshly polished paint I have been using about 7-8 sprays for a vehicle the size of a challenger.

    I`ve also way overused it and honestly I don`t think it really made any difference, so I say with PA- thin for the win! Spray one x onto a towel, that should take you about half of a full spray. That should do an entire door or panel. Repeat this across, hood and roof may take a whole spray cobined since they are larger panels in most cases.

    Brandt K.
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