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I only did the conversion from 29,800 yen which seems like a steal at $287 USD. Maybe next time I travel to Japan (but I don’t travel there).

Seems from the description provided above that the wax is an optimal blend of carnauba, with 5% PTFE. Durability claimed at 2-3 months for a daily driver.

So more of a true show car wax than something like Infinity Wax, Synergy, Fifth Element, Dodo Nano, High Gloss Paste or other durable ceramic-infused waxes that are good for daily drivers. This is what I gather anyways.
Yeah, that is what I got from the video...

It is a carnauba based wax for those who have their car coated and want that glossy, warm, deep carnauba look.

One thing you can`t deny - that video in particular, and Kamikaze in general, is pretty classy.