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Thread: What brand?

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    Re: What brand?

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleZJ View Post
    I`ve been a motor head since I can remember but I`m just now getting into really caring for my paint more than a wash and wax and would like some input. My friends have mentioned griots garage, chemical guys, and Adams. However since joining this site I`ve found that there`s more products than I can wrap my head around. I have a 2014 Chevy Malibu in black granite metallic(really dark grey basically) with black leather interior and I was wondering if y`all could point me to what would work well for maintaining it. I`d like an all in one kit but if I have to buy piece by piece that works too. I don`t have a Polisher nor have I used one before, but wouldn`t mind learning how to properly use one. Thank you in advance.

    Checkout Poorboy`s World Products. Just about everything you need and want. At a good price.
    The Spray and Gloss I use to keep my Black Chevy Malibu clean and streak free, between a full wash/wax, or detail.

    B&S for pads. $

    Griot`s for a 8mm machine kit $

    Or...Rupes for an upgrade kit to a longthrow $$ Upgraded pads, as well.

    but right now my absolute favorite longthrow is Flex XFE7-15. $$ Still use the Rupes pads though.
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    Re: What brand?

    As a fellow newbie, I can vouch for the advice you`ve been given here thus far.

    I can say that, so far, the FK1000P has performed well (though it`s been less than a week). Just drove the car to Dallas and back this week (4-1/2 hour drive each way) and was able to wipe off the bug splatter with a wet MF towel quite easily.
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    Re: What brand?

    OzzieMike_ I`m waiting to hear how it`s working after a few months.

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    Re: What brand?

    Thank you all for the input. I`ve decided on the meguiars professionals choice detail line of products. Can turn one gallon of product into 11gallons if diluted to 10:1. Pretty good bang for the buck


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