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    Carpro Essence and FK1000p??

    Has anyone tried using Essence with FK1000? As an AIO that has mild correction ability, semi permanent filling abilities and decent protection itself seems it would be a great base for FK1000, but just wondering if the FK1000 would hold up over the Essence.
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    Re: Carpro Essence and FK1000p??

    pwaug- Noting that this is pure speculation as I know nothing about Essence... IMO the potential issue would be the FK1000P bonding OK with no smearing/pseudo-holograms/whatever (and I dunno if I`d worry too much about that; I`d just wait a day before LSPing). I wouldn`t worry about the underlying stuff compromising the FK1000P`s durability as that`s simply *NEVER* been an issue for me. Not with *any* LSP/underlying product combo that I can think of..I kinda put that whole worry in the Urban Legend category.

    Now somebody post about a situation they experienced (first-hand, of course...with proper controls ) that proves it really *can* be an issue. If some combo really is problematic I`d like to know about it, if only so I can revise what I post about the topic.



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