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    Question Anyone have thoughts on Kamikaze Coatings...

    As spring gets near, I`ll be applying a new coating to my dark gray truck. I recently saw the Kamikaze coatings. I like sharp reflection versus deep (wax like) the Miyabi coating is the one I was considering.
    In the past I`ve used CQUK and Opti-Coat.
    I know CQUK lasts for a long time and looks great. Opti-Coat is way easier to apply and deal with and also looks darn good.
    I was just wondering if anyone has used the Kamikaze coatings and has any thoughts about their look and performance in comparison. I see that you should use the OverCoat product on it as well (which I never did on my other coatings). Thoughts on that product would be appreciated also.
    Should I try the Kamikaze or just stick with one of the other two products?

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    Re: Anyone have thoughts on Kamikaze Coatings...

    Call me and I can give you all the info
    we use a great deal of it
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