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    Im trying out both in early 2000s Toyota Camrys, one single stage White, and one clear coated Metalic Champagne Gold.

    They both claim similar functions, cleaning windshields, bug cleaner, and water repellancy. Ill have to check on the de-icing, but I think that they are not specified for that purpose. I believe Rain-X makes a winter formula which drops the bugs and picks up de-icing. We dont get much snow or ice around here through the winter, Charleston SC, so just going with regular formulas. Both were $2.50. I notice that Prestone has a De-Icer that is yellow and is $3.00 but didnt note the quantity on it. The other 2 are the same size, gallon, I beleive. Picked up the Invisible Glass at K-Mart and the Rain-X at Walmart.

    The Rain-X is light orange and the Invisible Glass is dark green in color.

    Im guessing that the Invisible Glass is made by Stoner, but Stoner name is not featured prominently on the label....but it has similar graphics to other Stoner products.

    Anybody have experience with either of these? Im primarily interested in water repellancy. These are for family members. It will be nice to have something that keeps refreshing the water beading on the windshield without them having to think about it or do anything.

    I have read that the orange Rain-X can stain and adversely affect the paint. I put it in the Champagne Camry. The Stoner`s Invisible Glass is in the White Camry. Not too concerned about minor negative affects to the paint though. More interested in having safe driving windshields in rain and when the love bug mating season hits.

    I havent seen anything on the internet about Stoner`s Windsheild Washer Fluid. Is this a new or dis-continued product?

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    I would definitely be interested in finding out if stoner made washer fluid.

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    Looked on the bottle.

    Manufactured and Distributed by Splash Products. Invisible Glass is a registered trademark, owned by Stoner, Inc., used under license.

    Invisible Glass Windsheild Washer Fluid Bug Clean with Rain Repellant



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