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    well first of all i like 425 but i think i gotta take it for what it is and thats a basic qd, on my television screen works like a dream, but ive used it several times at night on my car and this being pollen season i was expecting a little more than well...nothing. my truck has the same product steps in it my c320 does aside from the 425. i 425 the thing bidaily almost. anyhow i decided to leave em both out overnite and compare in the morning, i mean very little to no signs of an added antistatic anything. i love it between menz line and mixing with wax and whatnot but was i expecting too much outta this stuff? i mean i was considering offering it as an addon this season but i dont see how i can do so. well i was gonna vent on upp vs klasse sg as far as longevity is concerned but ill start a new thread sees how ive now completed this book.

    main q guys...was i expecting too much out of this delisciously bubble gum flavored product?

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    To quote myself from another thread:

    "One thing to understand the anti-static property of a product:

    An anti static product won`t prevent dust from settling to a surface. Anti-static doesn`t mean `dust repellent` or `invisible force field`.

    Instead, it will stop the dust attraction. In dusty climates/areas, airborne dust and pollen will still settle/sit on the surface - but a bit less than usual. Anti-static products won`t attract as much dust as you can observe with certain carnaubas, laptop/TV screens, (portable) electronic appliances, etc. The dust, which settles down to a car`s (mainly horizontal) surfaces is easier to clean because the 425 has incredible slickness."



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