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    Canadian Detailers Trading Post

    Hey Guy`s and Gal`s,

    This thread is for you to post detailing products you`re willing and/or wanting to trade or dole out samples of to and from Canada.

    (for admin sanity and out of respect for PBMC and each other):

    1. Limit you post to no more than 10 products, pictures are welcomed.
    2. Include a breef discription of the product; name, revision or date, and ammount of product avilible for trade.
    3. Do not post any products for sale (no prices or costs), you may how ever recoperate the actual shipping costs and costs of packaging materials.
    4. Products not carried by Autopia/PBMC can be traded and or doled out as samples as long as theres no; exteral links, product promotion or sales.
    5. If your interested in what some one has for trade or to give away as a sample, please send a PM (lets keep this thread clean).

    This post is intended to help your fellow dealers try out new products via trade or samples. This is not a garage sale thread.

    So what do you have to offer for trade or sample?

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    Re: Canadian Trading Post

    I have the following products available for trade:
    1. Chemical Guys - Citrus Wash and gloss (120oz, 1-year-old)
    2. Turtle Wax - Endura Shine (4oz, 6 months old)
    3. Duragloss - 105 Total Performance Polish (used once 15.75oz, 1-year-old)
    4. Duragloss - 601 Bonding Agent (used once 7.75oz, 1-year-old)
    5. Britemax - Paint Sealant (unopened 32oz, age unknown)
    6. Low Rider - Liquid Wax (12oz, 6 months old)

    I have the following samples I`m willing to trade for other samples:
    1. Meguiar`s - Super Degreaser (concentrate) 1oz up to 32oz size samples (9 months old)
    2. Meguair`s - APC (concentrated) 1oz up to 32oz size samples (9 months old)
    3. Meguair`s - Express Spray Wax 1oz up to 32oz size samples (9 months old)
    4. Optimum - Opit-Bond Tire Del 1oz up to 32oz size samples (1-year-old)

    Photo`s of each product available upon request via PM

    If you see anything interesting in the photo below and would like a sample shoot me a PM.

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    Re: Canadian Trading Post

    I will look late this week or next. Very hectic for me as my inlaws are moving from their house of 44 years. I do have some stuff for sure.
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    Re: Canadian Detailers Trading Post

    I have a brand new lake country 5 Inch D.A. backing plate. Need a rotary 6 inch. Ordered wrong one. Make trade offer, wax, polish etc.

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