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    I was contacted recently by Jeff, the owner of Olde Town Auto Spa and received my first order from him. I want to provide my feedback as a token of my appreciation for his excellent service. Definitely A++

    Olde Town Auto Spa is a new startup in 2012 and located in Ontario, Canada so not a lot of people may know them as well as eShine and Auto Obsessed (who has been around for a while)

    Since eShine and Auto Obsessed had numerous selections of products and free shipping over $150, I was not sure what Jeff was able to offer me. After a quick visit to the website I found out the prices were very competitive, offer free shipping over $125 and carry products which are not available through eShine or Auto Obsessed. Also, if I haven`t said it enough, his service was superb.

    I spoke with Jeff through Autopia about 3 weeks ago and I was not ready to purchase anything from him at that point. Our conversations about detailing and various product combos would go back and forth. It was really rewarding to get feedback on questions to personal detailing questions and it took out a big chunk of his time to send me information. We mentioned about products not offered on his website but he was more than happy to do custom orders for me if I really wanted them. Well, 3 weeks later I finally got my order together for submission but his shipping quote wasn`t working. I emailed about the issue and he immediately contacted tech support while emailing me back and forth to provide updates. This was all after 10 PM and definitely not something I expected. On a single order for one customer, most would typical take a look the next day and get back to me but Jeff definitely went out of his way to make sure things were resolved immediately. After PayPal cleared the transaction, Jeff put the order together and delivered it to Canada Post the same night to make sure I get the order ASAP. He certainly showed he values every one of his customers.

    tldr: Olde Town Auto Spa has A+ service and I`m more than happy to do business with them in the future

    So yeah, a big thank you from a happy customer!

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    Just want to give a follow up review since I wrote my review in May 2013.


    I have made 4-5 bulk orders from Olde Town Auto Spa in total and very pleased overall. My latest order was yesterday. The new product line increases regularly and I just can`t resist to try new products from time to time.`
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    That`s terrific!! I applaud Jeff and every business that works this hard for their customers. Bravo!!

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    Yes, it`s great that Jeff is going the extra mile because believe it or not there was a time not long ago (before internet marketing) when product reps "walked" right into your shop every week or two`to drop off and/or demonstrate the`latest`products in the industry, discuss any concerns you may have about competitors` price points`and take`inventory orders that you might have.`He would then`return in a few days to deliver the product and discuss your usage forecast`in advance of`his next visit to make sure that he`s prepared for your restock, but not before`leaving you`a complimentary`bottle of the latest carnauba wax`or newest deodorizer`as a thanks for your loyalty. Well, I guess times change, and in this day and age,`it`s a bonus if you can get "free shipping".`

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