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    hi all - I will be getting my car Krown rustproofed this year, and I was wondering if any Canadian autopians here inthe GTA had a preferred Krown location that they went to to get their car`s sprayed (in the GTA).

    In the past I used to go to Krown at Lawrence and Markham Ave, the owner was an old guy and one of the original Krown dealers in Toronto who sprayed the cars himself and did a very thorough job. However, I think he retired, and that location no longer exists.

    I`m looking for a Krown location that takes their time and does a thorough job of spraying the oil - I`ve read that some shops are not very thorough and will miss some areas of the car and try to rush the job (like Krown on Parliament st).

    Any recent experiences/recommendations you guys might have would be much appreciated!!


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    I go to the one in Mississauga, Torbram Rd/Derry Rd. area near the Airport, they do a very thorough job

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    A little late chiming in on this one but I`d like to leave my two cents for those looking in the future.

    I went to Krown Lakeshore in Mississauga last fall with two vehicles - one receiving just an underbody spray and the other getting the full treatment.

    For the underbody spray they did an average job but the problem was in how they treated the car. I got it back with three greasy full hand prints on the the doors (that did scratch the paint) and several smudges around the car where they had obviously leaned on the paint. This was after I had warned them how anal I was about my car and that I was hesitant bringing it to a new shop. When I pointed out what they`d done, it was as if I was inconveniencing them. In the end they washed my car - but to my horror, when I walked around the corner, they were using a terrible "multipurpose" brush and filthy wash bucket.

    Even worse than what was done to my car, we had my girlfriend`s car fully treated (at the same time as mine, after what they did with mine, I would never have taken her car in). It received the same wash brush and filthy bucket while we were there. Later that evening, I discovered they had missed putting a grommet in one of the holes drilled in the hatch area. The next day, after having them plug the hole, I decided to clean the car up myself and look a little closer. That`s when I discovered the horror. First - the car had been rustproofed when new and already had several grommeted holes on the underside of the rocker panels (Which I pointed out to them). Rather then use the existing holes, they drilled a whole new set - in the door sills. In addition, they had drilled two holes in the hatch area just above the taillights - positioned so perfectly, that when the hatch is closed, you can still see the edges of the grommets sticking out.

    Needless to say, I was pretty pissed after all that, and called to voice my opinions. I pride myself on being able to keep calm when faced with situations like this. So when speaking with the lady that answered, I carefully explained all the issues and how disappointed I was with the service without yelling or losing my temper. She seemed genuinely concerned and was adamant that she give all the information to the manager and have him call me back to address the concerns. I`m glad I didn`t hold my breath - that was last October.

    YMMV but buyer beware.


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    Not one vehicle manufacturer endorses, recommends or requires etc Krown rust proofing or their undercoating.

    If you do research, you will find that the drilling of hole in the body invalidates the factory warranty of the vehicle.

    Two companies have their brand of "engineering tested and approved" rust and under products, which DO NOT require the drilling of holes, which breaks the ecoat/anti-corossive coating of the vehicle.

    Ford has it`s Motorcraft products and Chrysler their MoPar/MasterShield products, which are made by Automotive International, producers of the ValuGard product line.

    Chrysler has used the ValuGard produced products since 1980. Ford since 2006.

    These two products that Ford and Chrysler require in cases of collision repair, etc are exactly the same as the Valugard products.

    Additionally, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, in Canada also require the use of the ValuGard products for federal recalls of corossion repairs, etc. Information regarding this may found in their technical service bulletins, etc.

    Just some important information you may wish to consider when making a decision of what products to purchase.

    Krown does not have any such vehicle manufacturer endorsements, recommendations or requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboawd
    I`ve read that some shops are not very thorough and will miss some areas of the car and try to rush the job.

    A little late to the show, but I can comment on 23 years (so far) of Krown use.

    I wouldn`t worry about it as Krown creeps extremely well. As long as they are not missing major sections of panels.

    The first time I used the product was on my mom`s 1990 Toyota Tercel. Sixteen years later the car was sold...totally rust free and that means the underside as well. Of course items such as control arms would have signs of rust, but that is to be expected.

    I have used Krown on my 1999 Honda CR-V since new. Now, almost in it`s fifteenth year, it is totally rust free except for two small holes in the tailgate at the bottom where the panel meets the rubber seal. It rusted from the paint inwards. The complete underside including my brake and fuel lines are rust free.

    Krown is available in T32 (pink and thinner) and T40 (gold/tan and thicker). I only use T40. You especially want to use T40 on the underside of the vehicle.

    I`ve been applying Krown T-40 myself using my compressor and rustproofing gun kit (Eastwood) since I bought my Honda. No holes are drilled as I take door trim panels and rubber grommets off where applicable. Its a messy job, but I know it is done right.

    In the late 90s, we tested numerous products at work in our labs and the Krown T-40 came out on top.

    Here is another test that DRDC performed. QETE performed their tests in the late 90s.

    There is a shop in Toronto that states:

    Corrosion Free Rustproofing has been deemed by Defence Research and Development Canada as the absolute best choice for corrosion inhibition. The Canadian Military also recognizes the quality of Corrosion Free`s Formula 3000 Rustproofing as it has become their choice rustproofing for protecting their military vehicles.

    Not true as DND uses Krown on most of their vehicles.

    As for dealer applied products, no thanks! I`ve seen their work and I used to work at a dealer.

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    Ive been using the Location at Dufferin and wilson ave for years now. No complaints.

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    I`d only ever gone to the one in Orillia (I`ve been a Krown user for almost a decade) with good service.` Moving to New York so I guess I`ll to find a new branch! Maybe Hamburg (` I don`t know... I don`t like change...



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