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    Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Perm Press wash cycle water is not near as hot of water---Heat and the surfactants in the detergent -----more heat--more reactivity, IE-cleaner but usually damaging to the fabric blend.-However, the PP cycle normally won`t remove most staining- which is in reality no big deal. Just as a buffing pad showing staining after cleaning does not negatively affect the ability of the pad to do it`s job. Reason, that stain left is nothing more than like the dye used when producing the pad or the towel--the dirt is gone--you are just observing the non-important stain.
    "Logic dictates I have been at this detailing thing way too many years!":wink1:

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    Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Ron Ketcham- Ah, OK, thanks for explaining. And I agree that staining is often (usually?) not of functional importance.

    I gotta say though, washing in really hot water doesn`t seem to damage my MFs, and if I *don`t* use hot they just don`t come out right; they`re more stiff and my Drying Towels aren`t as absorbent. Maybe it`s just related to diffs between different MFs...OR...maybe it`s why mine always end up linting (as in, they`re really getting damaged after all, just as you said!). But overall it`s a case of not fixing what isn`t broken since my MFs, like my sheepskin wash mitts, seem to last a lot longer than people expect `em to.


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