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    Tapatalk Autopia Hates Me

    Well, since the forums merged, every time I look at Autopia on Tapatalk I have to sign out and in to see posts in time line order. If not, it says there are "no topics". This is on iPad and iPhone.

    This is what I get:

    Tapatalk is designed to automatically log you into "your forums" and this works on all other 18 forums I am a member of - except here.

    Now, it`s become even more complicated to see Autopia time line posts on Tapatalk.

    Now I have to log out and log in:

    Then it says my user name is "null":

    Then, for some odd reason, I have to type in my zip code every time after hitting cancel to see time line posts:

    I dunno. Does anyone else have these issues with Tapatalk? It just happens to me on this forum. No others.

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    Re: Tapatalk Autopia Hates Me

    Sorry you`re having this problem, Null.

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    Re: Tapatalk Autopia Hates Me

    I don`t have much luck with tapatalk. I use the web forum. Easier for this old guy to understand
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    Re: Tapatalk Autopia Hates Me

    I actually downgraded my version after the new one came out. I can`t stand the whole trending thing and just want to read new posts. I have no issues on the forum now.
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    Re: Tapatalk Autopia Hates Me

    I do get the no topics , but a quick swipe down refreshes . never had to sign in/out though .



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