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    Quote Originally Posted by Accumulator

    Ron Ketcham- Yeah, copy all that.` I would`ve liked to hear there was some rigorous certification, but, well, you know how feasibility factors in (that damn Real World stuff again).


    I`m fortunate in that the only vehicles I might do this too are stoneage-simple, with no "mystery cavities" (well, at least they`re not a mystery to me)- the (Old Body Style) Tahoe and maybe a few spots on the Crown Vics, not that those go out in the salt.


    (Note to self: be grateful that`the old rustproofing guy spent the time to teach me about doing this stuff right all those years ago.)


    Gotta say the Audis are really well built`in this respect.` Yeah, the D2 cars (A8/S8) are primarily aluminum, but the steel bits are staying rust-free.` And that old `93 V8 is primarily steel yet after 20 Ohio winters it has zero corrosion anywhere.` I do like to think that my ministrations factor in though

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    Great thread. Even here in NM the roads are salted. But I just wanted to add my two cents about the undercarriage pressure washer mentioned and pictured in TOGWT`s post above




    that it produces more of a mist then a high pressure stream that I`d hoped it would. Someday I`ll get around to replacing those jets with something that produces a more powerful stream.




    I`m using a 2K PSI Karcher.
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    No matter the "pressure" of the spray, unfortunate that will not actually reach in and flush the corrosives from the inner cavatities that one can not see unless the panels are cut off and such so one can actually see just how the vehicle was put together, IE spot welds, hem flanges wrapped over a door frame or such.

    I once took a series of pictures of a Ford F series that Ford had done for the trade shows, and wish I still had them in my photo files.`

    You would then be able to see and comprehend what I have posted.`

    Any experienced bodyshop metal person knows this and could and should, attempt to bring it to the attention of `those who only consider the "outside" paint, etc to be the concern.`

    Paint today is one thing, it is what people "see" and react to, but have not a clue of "what is behind the panels and paint surface" they love to look at.

    Aluminum,== it corrodes in a different manner, but as Ford and some other manufacturers learned, let a hem flange get a small fracture in the e-coat and there is a paint failure problem that will happen. Just do some research on that item and you will find it was and still is, a major corrosion issue.`

    A vehicle structure is in reality acts just like a "battery", and consider that when thinking about automotive corrosion issues.

    Oil used to stop or such is just a temporary fix, and as those in Canada are aware, when they buy the "rust proofing" from companies, they require reapplication on a regular basis as oil "evaporates", it goes away, and with that goes the protection from corrosion.

    If one goes to the website or a Hyundai forum website, there are TSB`s which were issued, as well as Ford, etc, which goes into great detail of "those inner panels, suspension components parts" that are being eaten away today on vehicles that are less than 3 years old.
    "Logic dictates I have been at this detailing thing way too many years!":wink1:

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